Books to Sell in Munich

Mostly English and Technical books I want to sell, or give away in Munich.

If you get 2 non-free books, you can take the 3rd for free ;)

All the books are in English, except German learning books obviously!

If you are interested in one of the books, or if you want to offer some of your books here as well. Write me. omar (dot) qunsul A-T

5 Euros Books

3 Euros Books

Free Books

This list will by updated often. Write me on Twitter. @OmarQunsul.

You also have books to sell?

Send them to me, so that I offer them on the website, with your name on them ;) This service is for free :D

Contact Me

Email: omar (dot) qunsul A-T Twitter: @OmarQunsul

About Me

My name is Omar Qunsul. I write these articles mainly as a future reference for me. So I dedicate some time to make them look shiny, and share them with the public.

You can find me on twitter @OmarQunsul, and on Linkedin.

And btw, if you like playing chess, please give my personal multiplayer Chess Website ChessDuo a try.